Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School

2020-2021 Key Concern of English Language

持續優化學與教   齊創正向綠校園

Optimize the effectiveness of teaching and learning

1.1 Strengthening the use of IT in teaching and learning

 Encourage teachers and students to use electronic devices during and after lessons:

  • Our AT and NET will conduct an e-learning workshop for English teachers.
  • Implement IT teaching and learning by using electronic devices during and after lessons (e.g. online reading platform, teaching videos…)

1.3 Strengthening small class effectiveness

     Use action research to learn some practical strategies to enhance English teaching effectiveness for small class teaching:

  • A study group will be set up in P.1
  • Share teaching practices and experience in panel meetings

Establish ‘Green’ Campus

2.2 Develop school-based curriculum about ‘Green’

To promote ‘Green’ ideas on our campus and help students to recognize the importance of environmental protection:

  • 6 students design a poster about ‘Green’ in groups using Pages
  • School-based English Reading Programme across the curriculum in P.3 will be developed which involves English, General Studies, Computer Studies and Library Studies with the theme of ‘Green’. 3 students design a poster about ‘Green’ in groups using Pages.
  • Share ‘Green’ ideas in the English morning assemblies

Establish positive values

3.1 Helping students develop positive thinking and great attitude

To promote love and kindness through English games: 

  • Teach the importance of love and kindness with special games on English Wednesday